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UPCOMING EVENTS, NU PUBLICATIONS, W NEXT, latest news 28.02.14 two new books by les bauer, our co foundeuse, the first one is published already, we just need to find a suitable occation to launch it properly- called no9 (gardenbook). the following will be another photobook, secound in bv and last, in the special issue, two photobooks. launch still not made up. //// for the programm of the launch n lectue week in essen recently with three new publications in october 13 click- Archive.

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Bauer Verlag turned 1 year, on oct the first
we celebrate on oppenheimer platz in frankfurt on okt 7th 13 from 8 pm,

later the month 22nd of okt we meet in prospectpark brooklyn for playing frisbee;

(yellow poster) 06-10 september 13, Bauer Verlag launch n lecture week,
release offensive during the ruhrtriennale in Essen ruhrgebiet
during the week Bauer Verlag presents new publications, lectures and
readings of authors and related people. for detailed program click- recent programm..
programm for launch n lecture week what happened the 06-10 sept 2013 in eleonorastr. 32, ESSEN (download in pdf format)

(pic 2 (MAP)): MYN secret island , SAT 03.08.13, 7 PM, leslies SECRET MYN BEACH ISLAND,
BAUER VERLAG----- SURF----- nacht,
FFM, 1 E to get to the island via surfboard, 2 for professional surf lessons-
for print and registration benefits, see u there; u get to the island,
passing under the brige coming from the westhafen.
( horrible cafe bar- druckwasserwerk), from the maiside u get flowed to the island with our raft.
in case of finding probs call 0177 9805670

30.05.13 meeting and launch of the fiktive chapter 2 as following, in front of gardini entrance in venice. especialy for our GARDEN (for gardini- see the july issue) ISSUE in may/june, we invited the old honorable JOHN RUSKIN to send us his chapter 2- THE THRONE, out of the secound vol.- the foundations, from his 1851 published legendary guide through venice- STONES OF VENICE. This can also be seen as a hint to our juliy issue. If u want to read the rest just go for, they have everything, free and uncensored avalable.
bookview of john ruskins stones of venice

BOOKLOUNGE am 13.10.2012 8pm on time to the bookfare in ffm the Bauer Verlag presents the first two books in essen the publication for the mai event "yoyo raus damit, ein lustiges wochenende in ruhrpott", 2012, Bauer Verlag and " erzaehl und gedichtband -lutz-henning krietenbring,2012, Bauer Verlag gelesen werden auszuege aus beiden neuerscheinungen von jockel malcow, drinks served by dennis,special drink surpremissimo, afterwaords LOUNGE beats by basti & frank ocean helbingstrasse 84, ESSEN, 5 min from ESSEN Hbf

Bauer Verlag was found on the 1st of Okt 2012 in Frankfurt/M, to publish booklets in small numbers by artists and
other professionals from different diciplines like IT and
Geography. another name for it is arbeiter und bauern verlag.
first it was connected to an eventloc. in essen to
publish editions on different events.
since march 12 the bimonthly magazine azaa is published, from oct 12 it s published in bauerverlag, dealing with topics as garden art architecture geography and all together, mostly based on time related, very current stories




just text us what booklet you wanne buy - we ll send u our account data,
u ll send us the money plus porto and we ll send the book to u, this is our philosophie
-and we don t take care about displaying any photos or contents from everywhere or anyone- dont try to let us bleed for that or u ll bleed
but u always can send us a kind e mail and we ll replace it, if u have a problem with it

sincerely, leslie bauer, oliver fink, richard ess

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yoyo raus damit, ein lustiges wochenende in ruhrpott, may 2012; 2012; leslie bauer, richard ess, oliver fink, joerg buttler

1 ed.: 10st
printed in frankfurt/M
launched in essen le 31.10.12
connected to events
langu.: eng;ger

Erzaehl und Gedichtband 1, ( Nicht farbig angelegte Auswertungen des Lgeplanes und der Schichtenbilder
nach DIN 4023 zur Erstellung eventuell notwendig werdender weiterer Anfertigungen); 2012; Lutz Henning Krietenbrink

14 stories connected sometimes to each other.
emotional, offenbach feeling, just a small selection of his textes.
secound coming. photos found while working, the stories are not at all about working scene.
Text: lutz H. K.; photos: found (vodafon)
1 ed.:20st
printed in Frankfurt/M
langu.: ger.

september issue- GEOgathering, sept 2012; 2012; Leslie bauer, richard ess, philipp dogan, oliver fink, joerg buttler

printed for the event(same name),photos: leslie bauer, soundlinks: philipp dogan,
text richard ess, Daily telegraph, rary keen (decorate your garden) presentation essen
1 ed.:8st
printed in Frankfurt/M
langu.: eng.

Archiv der guten Saetze 1; 2012; Milena Buesch

a collection sentences,
collected and printed for bauer verlag and every body else by milena buesch
1 ed.:15st
printed in Frankfurt/M
langu.: ger.

0005 OUT 08.02.13
J P Hoelzinger, an unauthorized, better TOURBOOK; 2013; Leslie bauer, Richard Ess

booklet printed after a tour on the 28th of dec 2012, guiding through works by hoelzinger in Bad Nauheim/ GER
informations selected and scanned from a retrospektive hoelzinger book (e a menges),
accompany his recent show in DAM. - get the book and enjoy the wonderful tour through bad nauheim,
seeing about 13 of H s works from the early 60s until the early 8os
1 ed.:30st
printed in: BXL
langu.: eng

status quo Bauer Verlag l n l week, including information, launch n lecture week, books; sept 2013;
leslie Bauer, oliver fink, richard ess

booklet printed for l n l week in Essen the 06th until 10th of september at eleonora strasse. we publish three new books
including this one by two new people joining the bv family. u ll find general information about the bv
and everything u expect from a good program. as well a new list of recent and upcoming pubs. round and round and round

1. ed 30 st pages:
printed in offenbach M / GER
language: GER/ ENG
free ror the event / 5 eu

Quantitative analysis of two visual representations of chechnya - ramzan kadyrov (instagram)
and chrystal callahan (Grozny Gossip - GG) related comments from lauren lydics phd thesis, 2010;
sept 2013; Philip Dogan

Again a book what sounds in its description by its author Philipp Dogan quite scintific.
please note: we have very limited poster A0 prints, otherwise download our pdf,
kindly provided by philip and print it in A3...
"Quantitative analysis of Ramzan Kadyrovs Instagram (1070 images)
in comparison to Chrystal Callahans blog 'Grozny Gossip' [ http:// ] (407 images).
Analysed features include hue,saturation, brightness and number of shapes.
Analysis realised with the imageJ macros [ ] ImagePlot,
ImageMeasure, ImageShapes, ImageMontage and ImageSlice,
developed by Software Studies Initiative
[ ] "

1st ed 3x
A 4, sold out 2nd edition, 3x pages (A1 folded) 20, unfolded 10 DIN A1
printed in Offenbach /M, GER
language: ENG
30 eu
u get a free hole version online, please print in DIN A3
/ download : no7- Quantitative analysis of two visual representations of chechnya

geocaching as knowledge practice- a virtual community in physical space+ two interviews with geocachers sept 2013, janko vollmer

the book is about the online real game geocaching.
it pictures in an academic writing the developement of user generated maps and takes geocashing as a very special not just example
for it. it containes two interviews with janko and geocachers.
1 ed 5 cop pages 44
195 *245 cm
printed in offenbach /M, GER
language GER
15 eu


GARDENBOOK, no9; Dec 2013, Leslie Bauer

The book is at it says a Gardenbook.
During a couple of years leslie spend some time in various Gardens in all Europe.
Those pictures are some out of her regular work with people in photographs.
U ll still see some of them hanging around in Herrenhausen Gardens in Hannover or at La Combre Abbey in BXL.
This will be the first of two unic photobooks in Bauer Verlag. Just an exception. But this is really just Photo.

1 Edition 10 Copies
40 Pages
130x200 MM
Printed in Offenbach M, GER
No language
10 EUR, 13 $